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Cowles Military Service - Civil War Period

Military Records


A. N. Cowles, private, Co. E, 49th Mass. Vols. (Muster Roll, Sept. 1, 1863)

Aaron F. Cowles, private, Co. G, 137th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 25; entered service May 2, 1864, for 100 days; mustered out with company Aug. 19, 1864; company mustered in at Camp Dennison, Ohio.

Alfred D. Cowles, private, Co. E, 145th Pa. Vols.; recruited in Warren Co., Pa.; mustered in Aug. 27, 1862; disc. Feb. 20, 1863.

Alva J. Cowles, enlisted in Co. F, 12th Mich. Inf., March 14, 1865; disc. at Little Rock, Ark., June 18, 1865.

Amzi W. Cowles, Jr., Durand, Wis.; enlisted in Co. G, 25th Wis. Inf., Dec. 17, 1863; transferred to Co. F, 12th Wis. Inf., June 2, 1865.

Asa Saxton Cowles, private, Co. I, 28th Wis. Inf.; enlisted Aug. 21, 1862, at LaFayette, Wis.; d. Feb. 24, 1863, at Helena, Ark., of disease.

Ashel Cowles, ensign, 61st Regt., Putnam and Duchess Counties, N. Y., 1812 (Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments, N. Y. State, 1783-1821).

B. H. Cowles, organization not given, interred in Sec. L, grave 22, Marietta and Atlanta Nat. Cem., Ga.; originally interred at Montgomery (Union soldier, Civil War).

Charles Cowles, entered service in Co. M, 2nd Mich. Cav., for 3 years, age 28; mustered Nov. 13, 1863; substitute for James F. Starkweather, drafted from Livonia, Wayne Co., Mich., Nov. 5, 1863; admitted to Harper Hospital July 26, 1865; disc. at Detroit, Mich.,
Aug. 31, 1865.

Charles Cowles, private, Co. C, 93rd N. Y. S. V., age 31; enlisted Dec. 24, 1861, at Chester, N. Y.

Charles W. Cowles, enlisted in 5th Mich. Inf., April 6, 1865, at Pontiac, Mich., for 1 year, age 23; mustered April 6, 1865; disc. at Jackson, Mich., May 6, 1865.

Chauncy H. Cowles, private (recruit), Marine Art. Regt., N. Y. Vols., age 26; joined for duty and enrolled Aug. 19, 1862, at New York City.

Cyphenas Cowles, lieutenant of the British privateer "Boxer" of Lisbon; was killed in action at Saybrook Point, Conn., Jan. 15, 1815 (Middlesex Co., by David D. Field, 1819, p. 94).

Dexter S. Cowles (Hampshire), private, Co. E, 95th Ill.; enlisted Aug. 15, 1862; mustered out Aug 17, 1865, as corporal.

E. Cowles, private, Co. K, 115th ???; d. June 2, 1864; interred in Nat. Cemetery, Cold Harbor, Va.

E. Henry Cowles, private, Co. B, 67th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 23; enlisted Dec. 13, 1861, for 3 years; discharged Aug. 10, 1865, at Louisa C. H., Va., on surgeon's certificate of disability; veteran.

Ebenezer Cowles, Duplain, Mich.; enlisted in Co. D, 1st Mich. Cav., Aug. 12, 1861, at Ovid, Mich., for 3 years, age 30; mustered, Sept. 7, 1861; discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability, Jan. 1862.

Edward Cowles, lieutenant, Rifle Co., 1st Regt. Ill. (Territorial Records of Illinois, 1809- 1818, Appointments).

Elba Cowles, Centralia, Wis.; enlisted Oct. 5, 1864; transferred to Vet. Resv. Corps, April 22, 1865; discharged June 29, 1865, Co. B, 12th Wis. Inf.

Elisha Cowles, junior lieutenant, vice Smith, 61st Regt., Putnam and Duchess Cos., N. Y. State, 1812. (Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments, N. Y. State, 1783-1821).

Ezra P. Cowles, Worthington, Mass., age 20; first sergeant, Co. D, 37th Inf. M. V.; mustered in Aug. 30, 1862; d. of wounds, April 9, 1865, at Sailor's Creek, Va. "He cheered on the men while lying under a tree with a severe wound through the body at the battle of Sailor's Creek, Va., April 6, 1865." (Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Vol. 46, Pat 1, p. 947).

Frederick S. Cowles, private, Co. G, 23rd Wis. Inf.; enlisted, Aug 12, 1862; disc. Dec. 17, 1862, at Memphis, Tenn.

G. W. Cowles, private, Co. I, 99th Pa. Inf.; mustered in Sept. 20, 1864; d. Jan. 11, 1865; burial record, E. V. Cowles, Nat. Cemetery, City Point, Va., Div. I, Sec. F, grave 21.

Gailord Cowles, private, Co. B, 25th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 40; enlisted Feb. 27, 1864, for 3 years; mustered out with company, June 18, 1866.

Gaylord Cowles, private. Co. B, 14th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 37; enlisted Sept. 21, 1861, for 3 years; disc. April 27, 1862, on surgeons' certificate of disability.

George Cowles, Washtenaw Co.,Mich.; enlisted in Co. A, 1st Mich. Inf., July 19, 1861, at Ann Arbor, Mich., for 3 years, age 19; mustered July 26, 1861; d. at Portsmouth, Va., July 10, 1862, of wounds received in action at Malvern Hill, Va., July 28, 1862.

George N. Cowles, Centerville, Appanoose Co., Iowa, age 18: born in Massachusetts; private, Co. H, 8th Iowa Cav.; enlisted July 28, 1863.

George R. Cowles, private, Co. H, 60th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 19; enlisted March 18, 1864, for 3 years; captured Aug. 21, 1864; transferred to Co. 10, Independent Sharpshooters Feb. 24, 1865, not knowing that he died Dec. 3, 1864, in Rebel prison at Salisbury, N. C.

George R. Cowles, private, 3rd Battery, Light Art., Wisconsin; enlisted Sept. 20, 1861; disc. Oct 20, 1862, for disability.

George T. Cowles, Erving, Mass., age 29; private, Co. K, 26th Inf. M. V.; mustered in Sept. 18, 1861; disc. Nov. 15, 1863, for disability.

George W. Cowles, private, 60th Indiana Inf.; mustered in March 11, 1862; mustered out March 21, 1865.

George W. Cowles, res. Hartford, Conn.; enlisted June 21, 1861; deserted June 1, 1862 (see Conn. Vols., War of the Rebellion).

Henry A. Cowles, private, Co. K, 150th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 21; enlisted May 2, 1864; mustered in at Cleveland, Ohio, May 5, 1864; d. July 15, 1864, at Washington, D. C.

Henry H. Cowles, private, 14th Independent Battery, Ohio Vol. Light Art., age 27; enlisted Aug. 20, 1861, for 3 years; disc. Oct. 30, 1862, at Cincinnati, Ohio, on surgeon's certificate of disability. Battery mustered in at Cleveland, Ohio.

Henry J. Cowles, second district of Wisconsin, put in a representative recruit under the call of July 18, 1864. (Rec. Union and Confederate Armies, Series 3, Vol. 5, p. 931)

Henry W. Cowles, North Marlborough, Mass., age 20; corporal, Co. H, 31st Mass. Vols.; mustered in Dec. 18, 1861; mustered out Feb. 13, 1864, to re-enlist; mustered in Feb 14, 1864; mustered out Sept. 9, 1865; expiration of term.

Hiram Cowles, private, Co. I, 92nd Pa. Regt., 9th Cav.; recruited in Cumberland County; mustered in Oct. 30, 1861, for 3 years; disc. on surgeon's certificate, Nov. 20, 1862.

Hiram Cowles, Ware, Mass.; served in the Union Army, 1861-5 (Conn. Valley, p. 375)

Hiram W. Cowles, private, Co. K, 6th Ohio Vol. Cav., age 39; entered service Dec. 8, 1861, for 3 years; mustered in at Warren County, Ohio; disc. Sept. 4, 1862.

J. Cowles. sergeant, Co. E, 27th Mass. Inf.; body removed from Lawton, Ga., to Beaufort, S. C., Feb. 1868.

James E. Cowles, private, Co. F, 97th N. Y. Vols., age 18; enrolled Sept. 24, 1861, at Wells, N. Y., for 3 years; mustered Oct. 16, 1861, at Boonville, N. Y.; mustered in (sic!) there Feb. 18, 1862.

James G. Cowles, drafted for 3 years from Washington, Macomb Co., Mich, age 27; mustered Dec. 8, 1863; assigned to Co. G, 4th Mich. Cav.; disc. at Detroit, Mich., May 5, 1865.

James M. Cowles, private, Co. A, 93rd N. Y. Vols., age 25; enrolled Sept. 3, 1861, at Chester, N. Y.; mustered in Jan. 25, 1862, at Albany, N. Y.

John Cowles, private, Capt. William Mcginnis' Co., May and June, 1755; 32 days £4. Mustered at Schenectady, N. Y., June 24, 1755. (Annual Report of the Historian, N. Y. State, I:656, and New York Hist. Soc. Collections for 1891, page 7)

John Cowles, corporal, Co. B, 67th Ohio Vol. Inf., age 32; enlisted Dec. 14, 1861, for 3 years; appointed corporal March 1, 1864; mustered out with company, Dec. 7, 1865; veteran.

John M. Cowles, private, Co. M, 2nd Mass. Art.; d. June 18, 1865; interred at New Berne, N. C.

John N. Cowles, private, Co. H, 8th Iowa Cav.; transferred to Vet. Resv. Corps., April 21, 1865.

John R. Cowles (veteran), Berrien Co., Mich.; enlisted in Co. A, 6th Mich. Inf., Aug. 8, 1861, at Niles, Mich. For 3 years, age 19; mustered Aug. 20, 1861; re-enlisted Feb. 1, 1864 at Port Hudson. La.; mustered Feb. 23, 1864; corporal, Sept. 1, 1863; sergeant June 1, 1865; mustered out at New Orleans, La., 1865; volunteered for storming party at Port Hudson, La., 1863. (Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Vol. 26, Part I.)

John S. Cowles, age 28, Wyoming, Jones Co., Iowa; b. in Ohio; private, Co. G, 31st Regt. Inf. Iowa Vols.; enlisted Aug. 23, 1862.

John W. Cowles, Marquette Co., Mich.; enlisted in Co. K, 1st Mich. Inf., July 15, 1861, at Detroit for 3 years, age 23; mustered Aug. 2, 1861; corporal, Aug. 25, 1861; disc. for disability, Oct. 16, 1862.

Joseph H. Cowles, Mt. Washington, Mass., age 29; private, Co. E, 27th Mass. Vols.; mustered in Sept. 20, 1861; d. Nov. 22, 1864, at Millen, Ga.

Leonard A. Cowles, Jacksonville, Ill.; private, Battery K, 2nd Regt, Ill. Light Art.; enlisted Jan 5, 1864; mustered out July 14, 1865; veteran.

Lyman Cowles, private, Co. G, 8th Inf. M. V. M., age 19; res. Glouster, Mass.; mustered in July 18, 1865; mustered out Nov. 10, 1864, expiration of term.

M. A. Cowles, Co. D, 27th Mass.; died June 18, 1865; interred in Nat. Cemetery, New Berne, N. C.

Major W. Cowles of the Royal Horse Artillery, an expert on old English furniture, for many years attached to the Frank Partridge Gallaries at 741 Fifth Ave., New York, was among those who fell in the British advance near Ypres, Belgium, in 1917. He was a brother-in-law of Mr. Partridge. Major was Mr. Cowles Christian name, not a military title.

Manning S. Cowles, private, 3rd Battery, Light Art., Wisconsin; enlisted Sept. 20, 1861; mustered out Oct. 10, 1864, expiration of term.

Manning S. Cowles, private, Co. K, 88th Pa. Vols.; mustered in April 4, 1865, 1 year substitute; mustered out with company, June 30, 1805; company recruited at Philadelphia, Pa.

Nathan Cowles, private, Co. G, 97th N. Y.; d. Aug. 10, 1864; buried in cemetery at Portsmouth Grove, R. I.

R. Cowles, private, Co. D, 27th Mass. Inf.; d. June 2, 1864; interred in Nat. Cemetery, Cold Harbor, Va.

R. W. Cowles, private, Co. I, 1st Mich. Engrs. and Mechs.; d. June 10, 1863; buried in Nat. Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.; Section D, No. 181.

Ralph Cowles, private, Co. F, 23rd Wis. Inf.; enlisted Aug. 14, 1862; res. Dane, Wis.; absent in hospital at muster out of regiment.

Robert Cowles, private, Co. L, 21st Pa. Cav.; d. July 15, 1864; interred at Petersburg, Va.

Samuel Cowles, private, Co. B, 10th Regt. Cav.; N. Y. S. V., age 22; enrolled Oct. 17, 1861, at Buffalo for 3 years; travel to rendezvous 21 miles; mustered at Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1861.

Thomas Cowles, private, Capt. James Church's Co., Col. Elisha Williams' Conn. Regt.; raised for service in an expedition against Canada; mustered in Aug. 24, 1746, for 87 days from May 30, 1746, to Aug. 24, 1747; at New London, Conn. (Conn. Hist. Soc. Coll., Vol XV).

Thomas Cowles, age 18, Wapello, Louisa Co., Iowa; private, Co. L, 8th Iowa Cav., Aug. 11, 1863; mustered same day.

Thomas J. Cowles, Grayville, Ill., corporal, Co. G, 20th Ill. Inf.; enlisted Aug. 19, 1861; d. at Hannibal, Feb. 18, 1862.

Timothy Cowles, private, Capt. Eleazer Hutchinson's company, 12th Conn. Militia; deserted Sept. 28th; returned Nov. 8th, 1776. The same remark appeared on the company muster roll against the names of nine other men of the company, two of whom were from Coventry, Conn. The regiment was composed of the companies from Lebanon and Hebron (see Conn. Hist. Soc. Collections, Vol. 8, p. 161, and Conn. Men in the Revolution).

W. Cowles, interred at Fayetteville, Ark., Sec 12 (Union soldier, Civil War).

Warren Cowles, or Coles, lieutenant, Rifle Co., 6th Inf. Conn. Militia, 1827.

Willie Cowles, private, Co. C, 17th Kans. Vol. Inf., age 42; b. in Vermont; res.
Elmendora; enlisted July 16, 1864.

William Cowles, private, Co. B, 3rd Iowa Cav.; killed March 7, 1862, in battle, Pea Ridge, Ark.

William Cowles, Northampton, Mass., age 21; private, Co. I, 52nd Inf. M. V. M.; mustered in Oct 11, 1862; mustered out Aug. 14, 1863, expiration of term (9 months).

William Cowles, private, Co. C, 3rd Ohio Cav.; age 21; entered service Oct.6, 1862, for 3 years; captured Dec. 31, 1862, at Murfreesboro, Tenn.; no further record. Company was mustered in at Camp Worcester, Ohio, Oct 8, 1862.

William Cowles, lieutenant, 21st Regt., Conn. Militia, 1845-6.

William A. Cowles, age 31, Dorchester, Mass.; private, Co. D, 42nd Inf. M. V. M. (100 days); mustered in July 20, 1864; mustered out Nov. 11, 1864, expiration of term.

William A. Cowles, Warren, Mass., age 27; private, Co. G, 2nd Regt. Inf., Mass. Vols. (3 years); mustered in May 25, 1861; mustered out July 14, 1862, for disability.

William A. Cowles, age 29, Dorchester, Mass.; corporal, Co. D (?), 42nd Inf. M. V. M. (9 months); mustered in Sept. 16, 1862; mustered out Aug. 20, 1863, expiration of term.

William G. Cowles, private, Co. E, 7th Regt., N. Y. N. G., age 32; enrolled May 25, 1862, at New York for 3 months.

William J. Cowles, age 30, Wales, Mich.; enlisted in Co. K, 3rd Mich. Cav., Oct. 23, 1861, at Grand Rapids, Mich., for 3 years; mustered Oct. 23, 1861; missing in action at Iuka, Miss., Sept. 19, 1862; disc. for disability at Detroit, Mich., Feb. 28, 1863, on account of wounds received in action.

William J, Cowles, corporal, Co. A, 1st Conn. V. Heavy Art.; enlisted Dec., 1, 1862; promoted Nov. 14, 1864; disc. Aug. 2, 1865.

William P. Cowles, private, Co. G, 25th Regt., Wis. Inf.; enlisted Dec. 11, 1863; res. Durand, Mich.; transferred to Co. F, 12th Wis. Inf.

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